Joanna Wilby: A holistic approach to health
A simple, safe and effective form of energy balancing that combines elements of advanced yoga, Ayurveda philosophy, modern physics, acupuncture, applied kinesiology and Western medical expertise. It allows the body’s energy systems to synchronize so they can operate as nature intended. 
A technique that uses universal life force energy for healing.  Reiki healing complements Eastern and Western medicine.
Meditation coaching:
Learn to manage your own energy system, focusing on the power of your mind using creative visualization techniques.
Pranic Healing: 
A non-touch healing modality that uses prana (also known as chi/ki/vital life force) to rapidly repair the body and mind.
Layers of energy flow through the body

Health is not just physical – it relates to the flow of energy through the body – and sometimes different healing approaches are required.

The physical body is shaped and powered by the “energy body”. Layers of energy surround and flow through the body via chakras and meridian channels. Internal conflicts and external sources of stress cause imbalances in the energy body which can manifest in the physical body as ailments.


Healing sessions are held in my North Vancouver, BC, clinic

Please contact me with any questions you may have. I will use my experience to select the best methods to help you achieve your goals. Please email to book a session or for further information.

Other treatments

Energy healing is not meant to replace conventional medical treatment, but can effectively complement Western medicine to improve general health and well-being. I ask my clients to continue with any medications, counselling or chiropractic sessions, etc.